Mow Hair is excited to announce a special, new hair professional joining their team. Introducing Mow Hair’s new Technical Director, Tracey Hughes. 

An empowering yet humble leader within the global hairdressing community, Tracey has left no stone unturned with her experience and expertise in the field. As a previous salon owner, her brand won Salon of the Year, 10 years in a row! 

As recipient of 2x Australian Hair Colourist of the Year, 2x Australian Hairdresser of the Year and 8x Educator of the Year, Tracey has the knowledge and techniques to provide a bespoke service to suit your personality, your skin tone, face shape and your lifestyle. 

Would you like a bespoke service customised to you exclusively? To secure a reservation with Tracey, call Mow Hair on (07) 5538 4420 and request to see her. Due to her expertise and limited availability, Tracey has elevated pricing compared to regular prices – find Mow Hair’s price guide on their website before booking.

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